Synthetix5 synthetic urine with urea and uric acid

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9 out of 10 Shop Owners Recommend Synthetix5 over the Competition

Over the years, Synthetix5 synthetic urine has worked hard to establish a reputation of quality. As a result, 9 out of 10 store owners now recommend S5 over the competition because they know their customers will have a great experience. They know this through customer feedback and the plain fact that over 45,000 Synthetix5 synthetic urine kits are sold each month and they hardly ever have a customer return one for a refund.

Synthetix5 vs. the Competition

Synthetix5 has repeatedly brought innovative improvements to its line of products and many of these improvements have been copied by our competitors. Synthetix5 was the first to introduce the adhesive heat pad, which distributes heat more uniformly to both the bottle, in the Synthetix5 Bottle Kit, and to the bladder in the S5 Belt Kit. This was a serious improvement to the rubber band that some of the other guys are still using. But what came next was the biggest improvement so far in the synthetic urine industry; Synthetix5’s new belt design destroys the competition in performance and fit. Unlike our competitor’s synthetic urine belts which hide the bladder in a cloth pocket, ours sits right up against your skin, creating an environment that ensures a synthetic urine temperature that is closest to your own body temperature. The lack of the cloth pocket also creates a smoother fit.

Some of these improvements to our belt kit are the result of feedback from store owners across the country who listen to feedback from you the user. We listen and are still listening. As always, the rest of the S5 Synthetic Urine Belt Kit comes with top quality components, from the two medical grade clamps and plug, to the long lasting adhesive heat pad, to the laboratory temperature strip. Our included directions are complete and easy to follow.