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Why Distributors Join Synthetix 5

Synthetix 5 is a high quality product that turns satisfied customers into repeat business. Synthetix 5 has a nationwide presence and we continue to grow our brand every day. Brand loyalty are customer repurchases are higher than with any other synthetic urine brand. As a distributor, collaborating with Synthetix 5 means we are committed to your success. Here are a few reasons how:

In-house Manufacturing

  • Synthetix 5 has complete control over manufacturing and can meet the distributor’s needs in a timely fashion
    Distributors don’t have to over-order – we will provide you with product as you need it
  • No lag times for product shipment
  • High Margins
  • Our prices are strategically set so both the distributors and storefronts earn high margin profits

Building Your Territory

  • Synthetix 5 regularly provides local leads from store owners and other retailers to our network of distributors

We Adapt

  • We understand the changing market conditions and needs of the consumer – we aren’t afraid to make adjustments for the benefit of our partners

Distributor Support

  • Synthetix 5 has strong relationships with its distributors, with full in-house teams dedicated to customer service, product marketing, and product shipment and fulfillment

Free Shipping

  • To add more value for our distributors, we include free shipping on all distributor orders
  • Generally, orders placed before noon PST will receive same-day shipping

Pricing Policy – Your Profits are Protected

  • Synthetix 5 has a strict pricing policy for our distributor relationships to avoid price undercutting and ensure the highest margins for our distributors

Guaranteed Product

  • All of Synthetix 5 product are fully guaranteed – if our products don’t meet the expectations of our distributors – we’ll take them back

Fully Lab Tested

  • All Synthetix 5 products are tested and certified by third party professionals

Get Started As a Distributor

For more information on how to become a distributor, fill out the form and we will be in touch within one business day.