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Counterfeit Quick Fix Urine Warning


It has come to our attention that some people are trying to profit off of Quick Fix urine by manufacturing and selling fakes that will not pass any standards.  Counterfeit Quick Fix synthetic urine is found everywhere online these days.

Over the last year there has been discovered significant quantities of counterfeit Quick Fix Synthetic Urine in the marketplace. This product does not work. The sites may look legitimate and say they offer real product, but beware! These counterfeit operations often run sales on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist as well as on regular websites.

If you have purchased Quick Fix at below standard prices you most likely have purchased an illegal, counterfeit product that will not work.

These counterfeiting acts violate numerous federal and state laws including trademark infringement and unfair competition laws. Customers are often confused with counterfeit inferior product, and the quality of Quick Fix Urine will be diminished by that inferior product. It is almost impossible to tell the difference so buyer beware when buying that brand.

TL;DR? Beware when buying Quick Fix synthetic urine as substantial amounts of it sold online are counterfeit.