Synthetix5 Bottle Kit

Synthetix5 Bottle Kit
Synthetix5 Bottle Kit

Synthetix5 has been making the industry’s most trusted brand of synthetic urine for more than a decade. We know how serious this situation is for you, and we have accordingly taken the production of our synthetic urine formula very seriously as well. Our clinical laboratory has made revisions over the years as applications in your world have changed. Everything is important, from the proper amount of creatinine, to the pH balance, to the range of specific gravity, to the synthetic urine formula being free from trace elements and contaminants.

The components are important too, and Synthetix5 has listened to feedback from store owners and consumers over the years and has brought some of your concerns home and turned them into improvements to our products. Many of you complained about how using only a rubber band to hold the heat pad to the bottle doesn’t work well, and that it sometimes falls off in your pocket or purse. We were the first to introduce an adhesive heat pad which not only stays in place, but transfers heat much more evenly to the bottle, and in to the bladder in our more stealthy belt kit. It is amazing that companies like Quick Fix still have you using a rubber band.

Our Synthetic urine bottle kit comes delivered to you with a solid cap to ensure not leaking in transit, and we include a flip top spout cap for you to use when you are ready. Our long lasting heat pad will ensure a proper temperature and the lab quality temperature strip will keep you where you should be. The instructions are complete and easy to follow.

Does synthetic urine work? Synthetix5 does…every time!


*** We have stated it before and continue to state that neither this product nor any other synthetic urine product made or sold by Synthetix5 is intended to be used for any illegal purpose.

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