What is Synthetic Urine?

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What is Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine?

Synthetix5 Synthetic Urine is 99.99% pure and tested to the highest laboratory standards. We use only the highest medical grade standard synthetic urine available. If you are wondering what is synthetic urine, Synthetix5  can be used to calibrate urine testing machines or other novelty uses.

This synthetic urine contains all of the ingredients found in real human urine. Every batch of Synthetix5 is tested before it leaves the lab. This laboratory standardization process results in a cleaner, fresher urine that is toxin free. Synthetix5 is naturally  balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, and other crucial urine characteristics.  Here is more information on the markers for urine. What is synthetic urine is also answered by this article.

Synthetix5 is unisex, meaning it will work for both male and female. Unlike dehydrated or powdered urine the Synthetix5 is pre-mixed, making it easy to use in any last minute situation. Synthetix5 takes only about 15 seconds to prepare! You can feel secure that Synthetix5 uses discreet billing and packaging. No one who is snooping will know whats in the package.